Blackstone Sight and Sound

" Blackstone Sight and Sound have always delivered superior services no matter what deadline has confronted them. 
Their attention to detail and quality makes them a preferred supplier of Fastfile Media. There presence within the Broadcast community enriches the quality  and standards of all projects they produce for 
Fastfile Media."

Colum Henry
Fastfile Media Inc.

Blackstone Sight and Sound is a leader in media adaptation, translation and described video. With over 30 years collective experience in translation for media, and film and television production, we understand the unique requirements of each project from the inside out. Our team of media production professionals, writers, voice artists and accredited translators are exceptional — for their appreciation and respect for the integrity of your original material and for their talent.

Using an efficient business model based on friendly and direct communication, we work closely with you to ensure your programming is seamless, accessible and always on time. Our reliable 3-step process of evaluation, transformation and revision ensures that your ideas come alive and are easily accessible to your target audience.

To discuss your project, please give us a call or send us an email for a quote or more information.